What will land for me? I have no idea what to write. Have not thought about writing (more than my diary) in nearly two years (!) I have lived fully. Read a novel about domination and color and ‘ohana. Listening daily to news-comedy, now there is nothing left to laugh about. I felt the exuberant … Continue reading Transformation



Returning to creative writing after a two year hiatus (!) Struggling with major writer's block. But prompted by @kerri_anne 's DIVE fall writing circle I've eked out a few new pieces. My goal was to write just one Haiku a day. Modest enough, resisting achiever-ism. Still, too ambitious for busy difficult days. But this one … Continue reading Haiku

Poem: Rolling Logs

Another poem inspired by nature observations on my recent visit to Salt Spring Island Three logs,having rolled off a ship,into the Salish Sea,find themselves side by side.Being rolled by gray waves now,with incessant tides,crashing against each other,hugging against each other.Worn smooth,separated from their identifying branches.Alone, together.Becoming gradually transformedinto cross-elemental beings.A fate they did not choose.Yet … Continue reading Poem: Rolling Logs