Community in times of Corona

How our international volunteer camp and rural Nepali neighbors are going through COVID-19 lockdown together. "I wanted to keep supporting CI, no matter what some of my neighbors said." I'm sitting on the porch outside our kitchen with Parvati, our beloved cook, neighbor, and self-declared surrogate mother to all 17 of us Conscious Impact (CI) … Continue reading Community in times of Corona

Creation or manifestation?

I've been at Conscious Impact camp for exactly two months now. Three weeks longer than planned already. By now, I was supposed to be back at work in Seattle, after visiting friends and family in Europe and introducing who I thought was my life partner to my parents. Everything is different now. Disease beset the … Continue reading Creation or manifestation?


Looking back on my first days in Nepal The descent unto Kathmandu Airport is steep and swift and puts a lurch in my stomach. Being in such a mountainous landscape, this is one of the world's shorter runways. A "VISIT NEPAL 2020" poster greets us as we enter the airport building. But that tourism marketing … Continue reading Kathmandu