4 Poems: Roadtrip. Camping. Love.

I wrote these four poems in August 2019, during the very first trip my partner Jonathan and I took together. We spent four days camping in different parts of the Olympic Peninsula: the beach at La Push, 5 Mile Island in the Hoh Rain Forest, Sol Duc hotsprings, and Lake Crescent. I loved the diversity … Continue reading 4 Poems: Roadtrip. Camping. Love.


Poem: Rolling Logs

Another poem inspired by nature observations on my recent visit to Salt Spring Island Three logs,having rolled off a ship,into the Salish Sea,find themselves side by side.Being rolled by gray waves now,with incessant tides,crashing against each other,hugging against each other.Worn smooth,separated from their identifying branches.Alone, together.Becoming gradually transformedinto cross-elemental beings.A fate they did not choose.Yet … Continue reading Poem: Rolling Logs