“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. This nugget of wisdom (attributed to John Lennon) makes me laugh and catch my breath at the same time. That gives it the ring of truth. In this cultural moment of ™mindfulness many more of us hear, say, believe this insight to be … Continue reading 2019: LEARNING TO FLOAT

Poem: Rolling Logs

Another poem inspired by nature observations on my recent visit to Salt Spring Island Three logs,having rolled off a ship,into the Salish Sea,find themselves side by side.Being rolled by gray waves now,with incessant tides,crashing against each other,hugging against each other.Worn smooth,separated from their identifying branches.Alone, together.Becoming gradually transformedinto cross-elemental beings.A fate they did not choose.Yet … Continue reading Poem: Rolling Logs

Poem: River and Tree

Have you ever wondered what tree and river may say to each other, such opposite yet age-old neighbours? This poem was inspired by a rain forest walk with friends on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, and by this photo taken by my talented partner Jonathan H. Lee (subtledream.com)