New Year 2021

2020 has been the first year in my conscious memory that has felt integrated, like it was actually formed out of one piece, unfolding in one unbroken arc from January to December, one life event building on another. When I’ve looked back on other years, they have usually felt somewhat erratic, eventful yet passing quickly, … Continue reading New Year 2021

Your Life Like Unspun Wool

# HOME LOSS CHANGE You might say that your life feelslike unspun woolright now. Matted and coarseon the surfacefrom where the creature that gave it formsweated and laboredand rolled in the dirtand got caughton brambles and thorns. It smells alive, your life, of bloodsweat tearsmilkshit.Each smell itself rugged,not pleasing.But all swirled together,one sweeter, earthy scent … Continue reading Your Life Like Unspun Wool


# HOME LOSS CHANGE That’s the public service announcement. Social. Distancing. A contradiction in terms that now makes sense. The most caring thing we can do  is leave each other alone. Doctors are not optimistic that it will last. Six months into the pandemic, even those that did care about others’ safety (shockingly, in this … Continue reading ALONE. TOGETHER.