This blog is probably going to grow and morph and switch themes as it evolves. It’s initially been conceived to help me think through the question “Can I learn to be creative again?” – like I was as a kid and a teen, before ‘normal everyday life’ somehow depleted my ability to find my own creative potential worthy of expression.

What is “creativity”? Where do I find the inspiration? Inside or outside of myself? Can it be learnt?

I know it wasn’t in what I was dedicating most of my waking hours to, a ‘really-not-that-bad’ office job. So I quit. To search for it, I am going on a journey. Literally, to places I believe will inspire me, and in writing, art and everyday actions that I intend to re-direct towards ideas and activities that I find interesting, worth while – and inspiring. So let’s see where that takes me…

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