Soil and Community

Living at Conscious Impact camp Everything is dusty. Always. I sweep, leaves fall, wind blows. More dust. My skin is dry. Waning supply of moisturizer brought from home cannot keep pace with Nepali sun and soil and cob and lime. Desiccating my skin, cutting my feet and fingers. Photo by Jonathan H. Lee/ This place … Continue reading Soil and Community

Akha village life

Meeting Niti opened a door into experiencing Thailand in a way I never could have as an ordinary tourist, typically confined to looking in from the outside. I experienced Niti as highly energetic and slightly mischievous from the beginning, so it came as only a mild surprise when she spontaneously announced a road trip to … Continue reading Akha village life

Landing back in the world – Asia & Europe trip Spring 2020

42 hour in. After three years of making a home in Seattle I am reconnecting with the world traveler I used to identify as so clearly. It feels good. Jonathan and I will be travelling together for nine weeks. Thailand, Nepal, France, Germany, Norway. Our destinations will all re-connect is with friends, family, and in … Continue reading Landing back in the world – Asia & Europe trip Spring 2020