Your Life Like Unspun Wool


You might say that your life feels
like unspun wool
right now.

Matted and coarse
on the surface
from where the creature that gave it form
sweated and labored
and rolled in the dirt
and got caught
on brambles and thorns.

It smells alive,
your life,
of blood
Each smell itself rugged,
not pleasing.
But all swirled together,
one sweeter, earthy scent is formed.

Despite the unrefined, unwashed appearance
of your life,
the deeper layers still feel
soft and thick
to the touch.

Dig your fingers into the underdown
of your life
and feel
how comforting and durable
it is.
And yes,
how beautiful.
Pure white,

The lamb’s wool that grows closest
to your hide
is good and sweet by nature.

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