Give me your visions


I wrote this poem a couple months ago, in COVID quarantine in Nepal. Paradoxically, when I had the fewest options, the least freedom of movement, the greatest disappointment for the dreams that couldn’t come true – it ignited a fierce energy in me to focus on my long-term visions all the more, to not forgo my dreams just because they had been knocked down or delayed. And I wanted to inspire this same energy in everyone around me, who was feeling depressed by the loss of options and goals of their own. This is what I wrote and read aloud to the community:

I want to know what lights you up.
What has you gushing
To take action
Toward the life that is You. 

Tell me your mission
Your vision
Your must-do
Bucket-list items
Homemaker’s dreams
Travel urge destinations
Of your hand, mind, heart, and soul.

Let us get on a roll.
And driving
Our hopes and goals forward.
Skills and resources at hand
Courtesy of community.
Give each other a hand!

Meet in good places.
Invest and exchange.
Visit potential.
Build a home on the range.
Make each day, week, month count.
‘cause it matters.
It does.
Love and strength flourish
When our friendships expand.

Give me your guts
Your brains
And your hearts.
Speak hope to doubt.
Let it all out.
Your fears and your confidence.

My ears are all yours
My pen, it is eager.
Your vision’s worth sharing.
Don’t tell me it’s meager.

Your example has power
To catalyze action
Inspire others
Give their dreams traction.

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