If I were light…

This is the second (or third?) poem I ever wrote. I created it at a writing retreat I went on a few months ago, when I first got excited about creative writing. It was fall equinox and we were pondering the respective value and balance between light and dark in our lives. I discovered how much I like playing with rhythm in poetry. And I haven’t even read much poetry in my life! I think that might change now.

If I were light…

I would take flight
To kiss and warm and guide
Whomever crossed my path
Giving of myself indiscriminately
By my nature, I cannot do otherwise.

If I were light
I would great you on a sunrise hike
Warm your face
Wake the flowers unfurling to my gift of life.

I’d say good-night with hues of orange, pink, gold, red and purple.
Dipping my fiery sheen into lakes, rivers, clouds and mountaintops.
A promise of return. Life will go on tomorrow. My power is invincible.

Even in the night I’d still be there with you.
My gentler incarnations, mother moon and sea of stars, guide you, sooth you, shine pure wonder on you.

And should you suffer of cold and dark – fear not.
For simple tools and simple skills conjure my return.
My most ferocious self, yet also my most comforting.
Fire, hot and wild.

If I were light
And angled just right
By slant of earth towards sun, or hand on torch
I would bring harmlessness and clarity to caves, alleyways, cellars and dense woods.
There never was that much need for fright.

If I were light
I’d light the page from which you read to me.
I’d twinkle in your eyes every time you wink at me.
I can be light, and simply me.


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