Living with animals

P1030716Just a short update to give you an insight on the non-human neighbours I am sharing the space with at TOF: We hear Coyotes howling at night and one of the guests recently saw a mama coyote with her pups on the land! The tree that I usually sit under for lunch is literally buzzing – full of bees, like so many of the trees here, that are helping pollinate the plants. Just reading about the Yogic interpretation of the sound “OM (mmmmm…)” as the vibration of God / the eternal self / the universal energy inside ourselves and every other creature and space – it’s like the bees’ humming that surrounds us is a constant reminder of that greater hum of life!

There are also lots and LOTS of birds, ground squirrels, lizards and rabbits around. I love seeing the cute fluffy bunnies. They are incredibly unafraid. Cautious, but once they’ve sized you up they often go back to munching the grass with you watching only a few feet away. Clearly they feel the peaceful vibes here.

And high up as we are we see so many birds of prey circling past very close. But my favourites are the humming birds! They come wizzing past so loudly, like mini helicopters, and I’ve seen a few up very close. A colleague here said they remind her to approach even mundane everyday tasks in a playful and beautiful manner.

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