Heading North – and back

I departed from Ojai yesterday, my three week volunteering stint being up and a no doubt amazing stay at the Esalen Institute and in Yosemite already booked.
But I’ve decided to return to Ojai in two weeks time. The Foundation has given me everything I was hoping for and led me onto that inward path that I searching especially. But it takes time to switch into a different mode, to start opening your heart and mind to new ways of being. I felt that that process had only just begun for me, so I’m hoping to go deeper with the work and personal development when I return instead of spreading myself too thinly across new places and new distractions.

My departure was accompanied by several almost auspicious seeming animal encounters: two birds of pres circled right above me, so close that I could make out all of their features; a humming bird likewise fluttered in place right by me for a long time; and on leaving the property I saw the resident deer for the first time. Maybe the land is mirroring my affection for it?

But my onward travel to Monterey also brought a few wonderful wildlife sightings: On the Pacific Surfliner Train, with fantastic views of the ocean all the way, I spotted several wales close to shore and our train was literally accompanied by a group of five pelicans who were flying together in a row so low and close beside the train window that here too I could make out every detail of their faces.

It’s fun to be back in holiday mode, taking it easy and sleeping in a proper bed again! Rainy in Monterey, but can’t wait to get to Esalen!!!

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