Something(s) I’m grateful for (II)

The other thing I’m grateful for today is having re-connected with a friend who ‘went missing’ for a while. She contacted me after a year of being out of touch (for reasons that were quite understandable, it turned out). We met up yesterday and rediscovered shared interests and what connects us.

Most importantly, she is one of a few friends whom I feel truly  blessed to have in my life. They are women whom I admire for their fierce independence, their confidence, warm heart, creative self-expression and intellectual curiosity. Having been chosen as a friend by such special people makes me feel pretty good about myself. And that must be the prerequisite for believing in my own potential, be it to be creative or anything else I aspire to.


So there you have it: happiness. It often appears unexpectedly. You’ve got to look out for it and seize the opportunity when it presents itself to you.

It can be creative when you’re learning a new skill; inspiring when you’re with great people; and it enriches your being by connecting you to capacities for empathy, affection and dedication within you.

Sure, these observations aren’t exactly revolutionary. But in the end we all have to make them for ourselves, often again and again throughout our lives. So they bear repeating.