Creativity bucket list


So here it is, my creativity to-do list. (Almost) all of the stuff that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And now I’m GOING TO:

1. sing

every day, self-taught voice lessons, then join a choir

2. dance

whenever I feel like it, take a class

3. collage

make use of the scraps and images I have collected and left idle for years

4. crafts

make more postcards and presents for friends

5. gardening

help out at the community garden at least once a week

6. cooking

learn some new recipes

7. ritual

establish daily rituals to bring attention and intention everyday life

8. meditative state of mind

be more present, focused and accepting of what is – in everything I do

9. connection

take simple steps to connect, especially with strangers

As I said before, how can you find inspiration without interaction? And reaching out is also a matter of practice. Here’s one easy measure to take (you’re going to laugh,  but it’s really that simple): Lately, when I need to research a problem I’m having with a service provider (insurance, cell phone company, the airline that lost my bag…) instead of wasting time clicking through pages of FAQ online, I call the help line and speak to an actual human being. And guess what, I’ve had some surprisingly warm conversations with call centre staff! (Who are probably desperate for a friendly word themselves…)

10. oh yeah, and blogging 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on how all that goes!

This is a reminder of some of my sources of joy, not a must-do list. It’s about experimenting and having fun, not achievement. To sum it up with the eternal wisdom of Oprah 🙂 :

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